A Thousand Years | Agmv |Polkadotag| For 150+ Subs

Published on March 1, 2015
Channel: Polkadotag
Source: Youtube

Thank you guys so so much for 150 subscribers! I have found this while editing, that the "A" got cut off from "Treasure". I just noticed this and I'm sorry for this mistake. STORYLINE: Two-year-olds Melody and Isabelle meet at a ballet class and when Melody sees Isabelle dance, she is stunned and cheers for Isabelle. After that, they became great friends. Melody has Isabelle over for a "Play-Date" and they play dolls. Melody has her doll hug Isabelle's doll, then she hugs Isabelle. The two girls are in the kitchen baking cookies. One girl hods the bowl, while the other folds the dough. They put the batter on a cookie sheet and pop the tray in an oven. It is Melody's birthday. Isabelle gives her the most prized possession that she owns, a heart bracelet. The two girls are playing volleyball. One bumps, set s, and the spikes. Now that are in the pool. Isabelle is playing the guitar and Melody is floating on the surface of the pool on a tube. (YES, she was in the water. I was half scared to death while doing it though. XD) Isabelle and Melody are choosing a dress for the school dance. Isabelle spins around, and Melody thought that it was stunning on her. Now both of the girls were going on a short sing rollerblade/bike ride when a car accidentally hits Isabelle. Isabelle is in the hospital. She is holding Melody's hand, then drops it. The monitors go off, then a nurse comes in and say that Isabelle is gone. Melody is devastated by the loss, and writes a note on her BFF's grave. This took me two weeks to complete and I hope that you enjoyed. Have a great day, PolkadotAG