A History Of Mathematics For The Purpose Of Motivation

Published on June 9, 2012
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Category: Education
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Using the history of mathematics for teaching mathematics is called genetic method "The term "genetic method" (of teaching mathematics) was coined in 1927 by Otto Toeplitz in "Das Problem der Universitaetsvorlesungen ueber Infinitesimalrechnung und ihrer Abgrenzung gegenueber der Infinitesimalrechnung an den hoeheren Schulen" ("The problem of calculus courses at universities and their demarcation against calculus courses at high schools,"). Toeplitz was a well-known research mathematician, with important contributions in the area of functional analysis. In addition, he had about 19 years experience of teaching mathematics at universities in Germany, during which he developed and tested the genetic method. The reason for the development of the method was the disappointment with the method of teaching calculus at German universities at that time which used a rigorous axiomatic approach based on the construction of the real number system and without motivation of abstract concepts. According to Toeplitz, in the latter way, only 5% of the students can be reached that later become professional mathematicians. According to Toeplitz, about 45% of good students are not reached by that method. To my experience, the described problems in the mathematics education apply not only to Germany and the US, but world-wide. The only promising remedy I see for this situation is the use of the "genetic method" in one of its forms for the motivation of students". Dr Horst R Beyer: The world is really painted by numbers, it worth out to get known !