A Great Use For Shortened Links

Published on June 7, 2013
Channel: Osmosio
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

This is an excerpt from episode #29 of the DPP. Read the full transcription and listen to the rest of the podcast episode here: http://blog.osmosio.com/turning-podcast-into-videos/ "Remember how link shortener services like bit.ly used to be all the rage a couple years ago? That race has died down a bit, but link shorteners are still alive and well and still used a ton in things like tweets, for example. Link shorteners are also a simple way to see how many times a link has been clicked. I've put shortened links on ads on my sites to see how many times the ads were clicked. I currently have a shortened link in my Twitter bio to see how many people click through from there. And I've put shortened links in ebooks to see how much traffic I can get to a site from the ebook. ..." See the rest of the transcription here: http://blog.osmosio.com/turning-podcast-into-videos/