A Day In A Photographer'S Life

Published on April 27, 2013
Channel: Hald94
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

[Before anything, Please watch in HD] I made this short movie as a project for university. It's a Stop Motion* video, a short story I can say. Well, since I am interested in photography I came up with the idea of this movie, It shows the story of a photographer and his camera, how they spend the day together & how close they are to each other. It is pretty simple and short, too. This is my first time to make a complete movie with a main idea and title, it is also my first time in making a Stop Motion video. So it was very challenging to try something new & to finish it in a certain "short" time. It took me about 3 days to take the photos, and through the process of taking them I discovered that I -necessarily- need a remote for my camera! cause the idea of a stop motion video is to take a series of pictures with moving the objects in each picture, so yeah.. I couldn't feel my legs & my body after I finished shooting, but it was amazing after all. A very fun and wonderful experience, and Yes! I would difinitely do it again! just when I find the time and the good ideas. Everything was done by me, except for the sound effects, and the main sound in the background (the whistling) is by Dave Santucci, a special thanks to him for giving me the permission to use the soundtrack. *a technique of taking a series of photos with moving the object in each photo just to create the illusion of movement after it is played in a continouos sequence. ------ هذا الفيلم تم تصويره لمشروع جامعي, Stop Motion و هو يحكي قصة قصيرة تم تصويرها على طريقة (و هي تقنية تصوير عدّة لقطات مع تحريك الشيء المراد تصويره حركاتٍ بسيطة و من ثم دمج الصور لينتج عنها فيلم متحرك) و كوني مهتمة بشأن الفنون عامةً و التصوير الفوتوغرافي خاصةً أتيت بهذه الفكرة, و القصة عبارة عن يوم مصور مع آلة التصوير الخاصة به و كيف هي مهمة آلة التصوير للمصور , تلازمه خطوة بخطوة في جميع الأحوال و الأماكن من بداية يومه و إلى نهايته . مشاهدة ممتعة :) ------ Twitter : @Halaalhaid Instagram : Halaalhaid deviantART : http://hala-alhaid.deviantart.com/ Vimeo : https://vimeo.com/halaalhaid