A Career In Hairdressing (Jtjs12007)

Published on Sept. 4, 2012
Channel: Dave Mason
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

Cinead Deanalee Walker (16) of Avondale College has always enjoyed cutting and styling hair but doesn't know if she got what it takes to make a career in the colourful world of hairdressing. From making her first expresso coffee to putting on the washing machine, Cinead soon learns there more to a successful hair salon than meets the eye. But this is one girl who definitely has what it takes and so impressed her mentors at the upmarket Bettjemans Hair Associates, she has since been offered a job. See how Cinead impressed her mentors to the extent she is now on her way to a successful career of her own. See more of the stunning catwalk photographs taken by Michael Ng featured in this story at www.ngfoto.com. Find out more about a career in hairdressing go to http://www.justthejob.co.nz