A Buck Night Out In Barcelona

Published on Feb. 10, 2017
Channel: Reed Stark
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

The first Everyones Fuckin tour seems to have the perfect mix of BMX and partying. This was most certainly a buck night out in Barcelona, Spain. Took the train to city center with SImone Barraco, Mark Burnett, Eddie Cuellar, and Trevor Sigloch. Met up with Broc Raiford, Josh Clemens, and all the other homies who are staying in an airbnb and got savage. We played hella kendama, drank street beers, ate tapas, avoided the police, and laughed way too hard. Spanish culture at its finest. Incase you're new here, I have a discount code on the Sweets Kendamas and Rawr Superfoods websites. 20% off your first order with Sweets Kendamas and 10% off any order with Rawr Superfoods. Just type in REEDSTARK when you check out. www.sweetskendamas.com www.rawrlife.com everyones fuckin hit me up: @youscaredstiff @reedstarkad