7 Vital Steps You Need To Start A Clothing Line, Accessories, Or Childrenswear Line

Published on May 26, 2011

Head on over to the blog and have a look: http://bit.ly/1dIGtre Starting a business by trial and error is a dangerous game. Learn from someone who's done it before - successfully and profitably. Jane Hamill will teach you how to go from IDEA in your head to actual SALES of a product. If you want a course with precise, step-by-step instructions about launching a fashion business - plus live Q & A times, go here: http://fashionbrainacademy.com/blog/e-learning/new-designer-program/ If you design accessories, apparel, baby products, childrenswear, jewelry, handbags, etc, this is for you,,, Including how to sell to boutiques. MORE INFO: http://fashionbrainacademy.com/blog/e-learning/new-designer-program/