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Published on Aug. 17, 2010
Channel: Bekkyjfdt
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http://hostgatorreviewscoupons.com - Take a 5 minute break, and find out all the good and bad points about Host Gator web hosting. Hostgator offers top tier shared web hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers to meet the needs of different types of customers. One of the better aspects of Hostgator is that customers can upgrade from one package to another without losing uptime and/or having to go through a backup/restore cycle. Host Gator Review: Host Gator is hands down the best web hosting company that I have ever been with. I have been frustrated with others in the past but no others can compare to Host Gator. I know the screen capture is a little blurry but its readable and I know you guys can see for the most part whats going on! Here is the coupon code I was talking about to get the $9.95 hosting plan for $.01 for the first month! : hgc25 . And the $9.94 off is good on any Host Gator account under $49.70. Another Host Gator feature that I didnt mention in the video: *They allow you to create a new wordpress blog OR transfer your existing one to Host Gator and its SUPER easy. (Very helpful for you bloggers out there who want to host your blog on its own domain!)