3Min: Repair A Burned Out Hp Power Source Ac Adapter

Published on Feb. 15, 2015
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See: http://www.flagsoft.com/cmswp/repair/hp-pavilion-notebook-power-connector-burn-out-wire-on-fire/ Repaired HP Power Source. The wires where burned inside. HP Notebook was not loading battery. See wiring diagram inside video and below. (vvvvv detailed instructions below vvvvvv) Steps 0. Safety first: Always disconnect anything from power source, AC plugs, main source. There *ARE* huge caps in any transformer based AC power supplies. They can store up to 230 Volts and hurt you. 1. Remove the insulation. The wires are wrapped in an protection like plastic. Very hard to remove and maintain. 2. You can see the burned writes. They are some how really burnet away and burnt together. A little more, and smoke and fire coming out the AC adapter. Because of a SHORT. 3. Because of this short, the power will not going into the battery anymore, instead produce heat where the short is within the cable. 4. You clearly see the twisted wires. Because users often try to make the broken wires "work again" by twisting, pushing and pulling on the AC power line. This makes things worse. 5. There is hard plastic (semi transparent) which should somehow protect the wires. 6. WIRING DIAGRAM +=============== bl (black) - outer shield | o------------------------ ws (white) - shield | | ------------------ bl (blue) - inner "PIN" | o----------------------- ws (white) - shield +=============== bl (black) - outer shield There is a very little PIN in the inner center core. I think this is for battery charging control signals. 7. Alway take photo before desolder any wires. 8. Clean up, cut part of broken / burned wires 9. Clean up, make good contact. 10. Do a "peep" test with your multi meter just to make sure that there is no short and that the wires are connected. 11. Put good insulation on. Solder again. 12. Testing, it works. Done! :) See: http://www.flagsoft.com/cmswp/repair/hp-pavilion-notebook-power-connector-burn-out-wire-on-fire/