30Yrs Of Ms,Insight, Update Ampyra Bg12 No.1

Published on April 2, 2013
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

I was in the medical field for years and also was a caring person but it's so different when the individuals has to learn to LIVE with the disease and or condition. I think an indicator of doing well is being involved in the process of giving back. MS 30 yrs, dealt with depression, tried apitherapy,spiritual healer,Beta- interferon, Avonex, Copaxone next BG12 soon, presently on Ampyra. Matter of fact insight, direction on learning to successfully manage MS. Don't expect to be cured, Although with the relapsing remitting unpredictability of this disease one might experience perceived healing.But, I personally don't expect to have that wholesome physical body that I once enjoyed and treasured. Don't get me wrong I don't mean give up hope, What I mean is like all survivors, learn to adapt, restructure maintain one's faith through personal choice and practice. It means find different ways to enjoy life. Do yourself a favor and don't get stuck in the past. I get it, talk about a confusing depressing experience, I know but don't get stuck there. Be smart , get help, get through it, process it and then empower yourself with knowledge, family and support from friends and get back to enjoying Life,