3 Types Of Computer Hacking And The Difference Between A White Hat Hacker And Black Hat Hacker

Published on June 4, 2017
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Time to start computer hacking! Do you understand the differences and levels of computer hacking? Is there an ethical hacker? What is a black hat or a white hat hacker? Is it worth it to hack yourself before someone else does? I want to Thank Darshil Modi that gave me permission to use parts of his book with the purpose of creating some videos for you guys. If you enjoy this video, you can go to this link, where you can buy his book "Hack Yourself Before Someone Else Does”: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B06VXL859L BlogPost: http://www.philosophybehindcoding.com/start-computer-hacking-difference-white-hat-hacker-black-hat-hacker/ Every programmer’s dream is to hack things. From hardware like your microwave to software like a website. But most of us don’t even understand what hacking really is and how can we start. So in this video, we will analyze what hacking is and which are the steps in order to gain access to a system of your choice. white hat hacker hacking programs hacker app So what is really hacking? Basically, every system has various flaws in it which are often called vulnerabilities. Hacking refers to breakthrough of a system whether secured or unsecured through those vulnerabilities and getting access to the system. When the access is unauthorized (without permission of the owner), then the process is referred to as unethical hacking and the one who does so is called Black-hat hacker or attacker. Now imagine a robbery took place at your home and you are to investigate how it took place. The first thing you will look for is the locks of your doors and windows. Are they broken? Is there any proof of burglary? How did the burglar get into your house? The same goes with an ethical hacker. He finds out all the vulnerabilities that can be used to exploit a system and secures them to avoid burglary. hacking sites hack password anti hacker How to start computer hacking Ethical hacker is the one that identifies the vulnerabilities in the system to mitigate them or to fix them so that there is no chance or less chance of unauthorized entry or data loss. learn ethical hacking An ethical hacker is also referred to as penetration tester and is often hired by institutions to keep their data confidential and avoid data breaches. Whereas an unethical hacker or a black hat hacker does this without authority either for fun or with bad intentions. Another type of hacker also exists and is called Grey hat hacker. They are usually the ones that do not try to harm the system. They are only attention seekers and do it for fun or revenge. Ethical hacking or else penetration testing has five main steps to ensure a successful attack. How to start computer hacking 1. Reconnaissance 2. Scanning 3. Gaining access 4. Maintaining access 5. Covering tracks hacking software hacking tricks Finally, I want to mention some of the benefits of ethical hacking: • Analyzing weak points in a system. Using hacker techniques to closely model a real exploitation attack. Finding vulnerabilities in the system before an attacker. • Find the weak seams in security fabric. • Avoid data-breach, website hacking, social-network account hacking, credit card theft. • Finding strong points so that we can extend them to cover other technologies. Ethical hacking course web hacker hacking books password hacker ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Video: https://goo.gl/CBYVk9 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Philosophy Behind Coding (PBC) is the perfect place for someone that now try to start a career as a programmer in general, or want to improve the algorithmic way of thinking Subscribe here ;) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKYJJA7nYEu6HfVwmje3YXQ/featured ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WebSite - Blog: www.PhilosophyBehindCoding.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instagram: www.instagram.com/philosophy_behind_coding/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Phil_Coding ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Business email: Philosophy.Coding@gmail.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Outro Song: Electric Joy Ride - Origin [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iScT5IfgG-Q BackGround Song: http://www.bensound.com PBC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- how to learn hacking learn how to hack hacking programs anti hacker how to start computer hacking penetration testing Philosophy Behind Coding (PBC) Keep Coding Guys!