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Published on Nov. 26, 2013
Channel: Footagefarm
Source: Youtube

If you wish to acquire broadcast quality material of this reel or want to know more about our Public Domain collection, contact us at info@footagefarm.co.uk Introduction. 11:45:21 Title: Pres. Roosevelt Meets Middle East Leaders. Destroyer USS Murphy w/ King Ibn Saud / Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al-Saud meeting Cruiser USS Quincy on Great Bitter Lake, Suez Canal in Egypt. Both ships railings lined w/ sailors. Arabs in robes on carpets on deck of USS Murphy, Saud seated. 11:46:06 Colonel William Eddy standing beside Saud. MS members of 48 member Arab delegation seated & standing on carpets. MCU & CUs; pouring tea. 11:46:47 Saud slowly down gangway to Cruiser; shaking hands w/ FDR. Overhead of Saud, FDR & Eddy translating. MCU. Saud walking. 11:47:37 Emperor Haile Selassie arrives & greeting FDR & daughter Anna Boettiger. Seated talking. 11:48:14 Selassie walking w/ Admirals & ??. 11:48:22 King Farouk boards ship, w/ US Admiral; sailors saluting. Greets seated FDR & Anna. Admiral Leahy present. Talking in CU. 11:49:30 Title: First Pictures - Liberation of Manila. Troops & tanks along road advancing. LS of smoke; troops beside tanks firing beside road; advancing. Thru jungle & across fields. Firing bazooka, placing & exploding grenades, thru villages & burning houses. Crossing bridge. 11:51:07 Swish pan & quick aerial of airfield, ground shot w/ destroyed Japanese plane & hanger wreckage & soldiers removing mines. 11:51:24 Swish pan. Soldiers & personnel carriers along concrete road w/ Filipinos watching; native troops w/ rifles along gravel roads. Civilians greeting arriving troops on Manila outskirts, giving beer & flowers. CU drinking beer at brewery, pouring from helmets into glasses. Drinking from helmets. 11:52:11 Zoom in on map to Manila. Soldiers street fighting in Manila; rifleman firing from beside sign: Notice Picking Flowers Absolutely Prohibited. Wounded carried on stretcher. Thru streets. City burning, people running w/ belongings & salvaging furniture. Refugees from fires. 11:53:11 Soldier giving food gifts to children. CUs. 11:53:16 Bodies of dead in open pit. 11:53:30 High angle of smoke rising from Intramuros, walled city of Manila; troops thru Intramuros streets & fighting Japanese & fires as buildings burn. Wounded on sidewalk; troops run w/ wounded GIs. Japanese collaborators arrested, MCU. 11:54:47 General MacArthur arrival & shaking hands. 11:55:00 Title: U.S. Sends Raw Materials To France. Jean Monnet, representing France, confers with Will L. Clayton, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State. 11:55:12 Two men seated at desk. Monnet speaks, SOF English, re his meetings asking for aid. 11:55:54 Montage of equipment & troops; war production in France. Clayton responds SOF & pix of shipping WWII; WW2; Atrocities; Pacific War; Presidential Diplomacy;