[2-Pack] Iphone Se Glass Screen Protector,Coolreall Iphone Se 5S 5C 5

Published on Aug. 24, 2016
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

I am constantly needing screen protectors for iPhones at my home. They inevitably get damaged in our purses or backpacks. We're just thankful that we have them so our phone screens don't get busted. This is a nice set of screen protectors. They came in a fitted box with foam padding surrounding the protectors. I thought that was a nice touch to keep them safe. There's wet wipes to clean the screen and a cloth to dry it. In case the cloth leaves any lint on the screen, a dust removal screen was included. It just sticks to the iPhone screen, and I used one of the sticky tabs they provided and pulled it off. By the time I finished the process, my phone screen was clean as a whistle! I then carefully placed the protector, and everything matched up perfectly. My phone screen is safe again! I received these screen protectors free for testing and review. Purchase these screen protectors here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EY4TCTM