2 Gents In Pinkney Park As Shakespeare On The Sound Performs In Rowayton

Published on June 25, 2014
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Watch more and discuss: http://norwalk.itsrelevant.com/content/19136/2-gents-in-pinkney-park With Five Mile River in the background, the stage is set for Shakespeare on the Sound's prouduction of The Two Gentlemen of Verona. "It's a great production and it's really accessible. People should not be scared because they hear it's Shakespeare. This particular show is really fun, it flows very well, it moves very rapidly. It's shorter than some of our other productions which is nice and a great way to see Shakespeare for the first time," said Claire Kelly, director of The Two Gentlemen of Verona presented by Shakespeare on the Sound. This year the non-profit is presenting Shakespeare's first work, complete with love,comedy and yes even a dog. Nicholas Urda plays Valentine. "All of the truths that are true for Shakespeare's day can still be true today; like the love. Love is messy and in this play you get to see that. You get to feel the jealousy that Proteus feels and that Valentine feels and that each character is feeling. Even though the language is really different from the way we speak today, the things we are talking about are all still the same." Katie Wieladn who portrays Silvia in the production, says performing in an outdoor space is an added element to the overall experience. "For me, it makes it a little more magical. We had this amazing moment the other night where a butterfly came on stage and it is just endless possibilities. It's so beautiful next to the water and under the stars and it gives it the majesty that you see in the language as well." Bringing Shakespeare's work to the community is something the non-profit has been doing since 2002, and their 19th production has been strongest one yet. Ben Chase plays Proteus. "The minute we showed up in the theater, I tried to find a moment in the play where I could run through the audience, and I do. I think it's nice when people can have interactions between each other that don't necessarily have to do with the play. There are no ushers and families are together and people are pretty much guaranteed an experience." The Two Gentlemen of Verona runs in Pinkney Park until June 29th.Admission is free but donations are suggested.For more information on the production, visit shakespeareonthesound.org. Produced By: Kwegyirba Croffie