1Egg1World Hits Channel 7 News - 'Trading Up' To $1Million Starting With An Egg

Published on Sept. 2, 2011
Channel: 1Egg1World
Source: Youtube

http://www.1egg1world.org This is the story of how an egg was turned into $1million...well not yet, but we're on our way. We are doing this through 'trading up.' Starting with an egg we traded this for the Coneheads Soundtrack - the greatest CD ever made! The CD was traded for Boggle (the board game). This was traded for a Lonely Planets Guide to Europe. This traded for an Islamic Alarm Clock and Camera. These traded for a 1988 Toyota Camry, which was traded for a Signed Sir Donald Bradman Bat. The bat was traded for a $2200 cheque, which secured an African Safari for two with flights included. This was accepted by Archibald winning artist; Craig Ruddy who painted the legendary Cathy Freeman. The painting was a finalist in the 2011 Archibald prize. And the trading continues.... When reaching our goal of $1million it will be distributed to three charities; 30% - Cool Australia (coolest environmental charity on earth) http://www.coolaustralia.org.au 30% - OrphFund (building schools and orphanages for the most disadvantaged children in the world) http://www.orphfund.org 30% - Traditional Healthcare (building sustainable healthcare clinics for those with none) http://www.th.org.au 10% - to 1egg1world to fund our future projects, capitalising on the 1egg1world branding to expand our impact to do good and continue to work with existing not-for-profits.