1.4Ohm Single Coil On Igo-W With Vamo V5 Build

Published on May 19, 2014
Channel: David K
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

This video I made shows you how to build a nice little 1.4ohm single coil. setup - 28Gauge A1 Kanthal 3/32 drill bit organic cotton / boiled in sterile water Vamo V5 IGO-W Sony US18650VTC4 Mtbakervapor Blueberry 20pg/80vg mix 0 nic I recently quit smoking 2 months ago thanks to vaping. I started with the classic Kangertech mini protank 2 and kangertech evod battery. I quickly learned how to make my own coils from youtube videos watching Rip trippers and such, I wanted to make a video with detailed instructions and what to watch out for as a noobie in the hooby. In this video I made a 1.4ohm single coil I wrapped the 28g kanthal around a 3/32 drill bit 7 times. I then burned the coil with a torch lighter for a tighter bond. after that I installed the coil into my IGO-W and inserted some cotton through the coil. I made sure that my cotton strand was not touching the coil bottom and the top of the rebuildable atomizer, I made that mistake a few times, by avoiding that you will be able to heat up the coil and juice rather than heating up a pool of juice on the bottom of your RDA. On the IGO-W I made one of the holes bigger using a 5/64 drill bit, making a huge difference in my airflow. The stock airflow was just to tight. I made a few adjustments by tweezing the coils tighter giving me 1.4ohms. I made the mistake of purchasing a RDA and not washing it. I was getting a huge metallic taste. After washing it with hot water and a toothbrush I was getting pure flavor. With the Vamo v5 you cannot go lower than 1.2ohms. which does not bother me at all as I do not plan on going sub ohm anytime soon. Sub ohm is anywhere under 1ohm which is very dangerous and have to do a ton of research before you do. Going sub ohm can blow up a battery in your face if you do not know what your doing. vaping with cotton gives me pure flavor and its very easy to replace just pull it out, heat up your coil and insert some more. I will be making more videos soon, I plan on making a few videos on rebuildable kangertech coils which I showed on this video. Please subscribe. If you have any questions please feel free to leave them here. I do not know everything but I will try and help out the best I can.