12Ax7 Shootout Clean Fender Tones

Published on July 12, 2012
Channel: Lucas Miles
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

12AX7 Shootout with Hugh Stuckey as the test driver. To hear the subtle differences between the tubes , its probably best to monitor with headphones. The amp used is a Lucas Miles Vintage Series Deluxe Reverb. The tubes are slotted in the V2 (Ch 2 preamp tube) & V4 ( Mix Tube) Our impressions are The Tung-sol's are a quality tube , nice even tone with an air of refinement. Suit all applications. The JJ 12ax7, like most JJ tubes has that distinct rock voicing and drive which is favoured by rock and blues players.The JJ Gold is similiar but slightly more detail and refinement. The Groove Tube's sound is bright and lively , work well in Marshall type amps. The Genalex Gold Lion Gold Pin version is the most detailed and refined of the bunch. Will deliver high performance in most applications. The Mullard is a long plated tube , which delivers accentuated bass response with smooth top end.If your amps needs a bit of extra warmth , try these. The Electro-Harmonix is an even well balanced tube.Will suit most applications. The JAN Philips NOS is a lower gain 12ax7 compatible tube.It has 70% of the gain compared to a 12ax7.If you have an amp which is too gainy try one of these in the 1st position or phase invertor.These are a quality tube with beautiful vintage tones. The Sovtek 12ax7c is the highest gain 12ax7 on the market. Generally found as the stock tube in Blues Junior's. They deliver bitey tones with a fair amount of drive.If you like lots of overdrive try these. For more infomation about the tubes or our handbuilt amps visit www.lucasmiles.com.au www.hughstuckey.com.au