12 Texting Secrets That Will Make Him Chase Even More (With Step By Step Examples!)

Published on April 8, 2017
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12 Texting Secrets That Will Make Him Chase Even More (With Step by step examples!) 1.Less is more. More is less. It’s better that he complains that you barely text him instead of that you always text him. 2.be cold in text messages and happy in person. This really fucks with people. 3.from time to time forget to respond. Develop the reputation of a horrible texter. The key is your emotional regulation or else you’ll fuck it up. 4.on the day of the date, wait till the last hour to confirm and say you’re getting ready. Trust me, guys are waiting 5.don’t send nudes, send teasers. 6.end it on a high note 7.tell him not to text you on certain days and then text him like you couldn’t resist. 8.”maybe we should reschedule for another time” 9.We don’t have to hang out or you can delete my number 10.Before you get the number, ask him “what’s my name?” Or a question about yourself and then erase the number and say that’s it, this can’t work out. 11.if you want to know if he wants to go out with you ask him “are you busy this week?” 12.use short phrases to his statements “I see “ or “lmaoo hilarious” and don’t elaborate.