10 Scary Crocodile Attacks

Published on Jan. 28, 2017
Channel: Epic Wildlife
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From a celebrity croc in Oz battling a bull shark, to Crocodiles fighting soldiers; These are 10 Scary Crocodile Attacks Subscribe to Epic Wildlife http://goo.gl/6rzs5u Let's Connect -- http://www.epicadamwildlife.com/ -- http://www.facebook.com/epicadamwildlife -- http://www.twitter.com/epicwildlife -- http://gplus.to/epicwildlife Brutus v Bull Shark Brutus is a massive crocodile from Australia that has become an international star.. The big fella is estimated to be around 80- years old and weigh some two tons … and is distinguished by his missing right forelimb … it was thought to have been torn off during a fight with a shark. But Brutus may have gained some sweet revenge, judging by these pictures, which went viral. The 5.5 meter beast was seen snacking on a bull shark in Australia’s Northern Territory. The animal was spotted by passengers on a tour boat cruising down the Adelaide (AD-ell-aid) River. According to the tour guide, the bull shark was alive and wriggling as Brutus tore into him. Croc sees Spots Usually, it’s the crocodile that makes headlines for its vicious attacks. But we found a story where the tables were turned on the massive reptile … by a leopard! The incident took place at Kruger National Park in South Africa, which we previously mentioned. Onlookers say they saw the leopard speed out of the savannah and into a watering hole. When the big cat emerged, it was dragging the thrashing reptile up the waterhole’s bank. The two predators flipped and rolled about in a tense stand off … but the leopard had the croc by its throat and wouldn’t let go. The crocodile could only snap its jaws at air, and try to tear at the cat’s belly with its claws … which proved to be a futile effort. Despite the size difference, the leopard was able to stay on top of the croc and finally suffocate it. It later dragged the reptile into the brush and out of view. While crocodiles have been known to attack leopards, the reverse has never been documented -- until now. _ Wish? This image showed up in a video depicting a huge crocodile attacking a man in a river … The man apparently jumps into the water, and is chased by the crocodile … which overtakes him and drags him underwater. We researched the image and the video which runs around 17 seconds, but were unable to come up definite details such as where this incident took place. The date displayed by the camera is March 24 of 1994 (03.24.94) … but we couldn’t find any such incidents reported around that date. That, along with other details gave us reason to question the authenticity of the image and video. While it appears realistic, there’s reason to believe footage of the man is overlaid on the video … likely covering up the actual thing or animal the croc was pursuing … That conclusion is based upon the way the croc is seen attacking the man, with its head tilted. It would be unlikely for the reptile to grab its target by striking at such an angle. And of course, why would the guy jump into a river where a huge crocodile is clearly visible? That’s why we have a few doubts about this one … what do you think? Eaten Alive Did you know the deadliest crocodile attack in history took place during World II off the coast of Myanmar, on Ramree Island? In 1945, British troops clashed with Japanese forces as they arrived to construct an airbase. The British were eventually victorious, and forced some 1,000 enemy combatants into the dense swamps that covered some 10 miles of the island. When the Japanese soldiers staggered into Ramree’s mangrove jungle, they entered the habitat of the saltwater crocodile … the world’s largest living reptile. The creatures can typically measure over 19 feet, weigh more than a ton … and are noted for being hypercarnivorous apex predators. Drawn by the soldier’s sweat and bloody wounds, the crocs trapped the men in the confines of the swamp. Survivors told horror stories of countless crocodiles descending upon them en masse (on mass) … saying the animals would appear out of nowhere and drag victims off to eat. Screaming, and the sound of animal attacks filled the night air. Of the original 1,000, around 400 Japanese soldiers managed to escape the area. Guinness has noted the as the “Most Number of Fatalities in a Crocodile Attack.” Hand Off In a cruel irony, a crocodile was being treated with antibiotics because it had lost its appetite. When the zoo veterinarian tried to reach between the iron railing of the cage, the 434 (197 kg) pound croc suddenly lunged ford and snapped off the man’s arm at the elbow! The 28-year-old zoo vet was quickly tended to as colleagues applied a tourniquet. The 18-foot reptile wandered away with the severed limb in it’s jaws. When a worker fired two shots at the croc to kill it, the bullets missed. But the sharp report was enough to startle the beast, and it dropped the arm. It was retrieved by an official, and packed into ice.